What Is James Hardie Plank Siding?

james hardie plank

You are wondering what James Hardie Plank siding is all about. Well, we are here to demystify it. First and foremost, it is a 120-year old Australian company. They have been the front runners in manufacturing fiber-based cement. The company came into existence in Melbourne in 1888. And as of today, the company has a huge global presence. They have plants all over the world, including countries like Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and the United States.

Variety fiber cement products from James Hardie

As we have already told you, James Hardie siding have been specializing in fiber cement for more than 100 years now. And they offer wide variety of products including moisture, flame, bug and mold. They have been offering lots of products for house constructions, all these years. As far as their products are concerned, we can take examples like siding, flashing, trim and soffit. However, the siding product has been the most popular for this company. Housing contractors all over the world have been using their siding for several decades now. And that says a lot about what they have to offer.

Proprietary siding formula

As far as their siding products are concerned, it is made from a proprietary formula. It constitutes of sand, water, wood fiber and Portland cement. As a result, you can expect exacting durability, which lasts for a lifetime. When you apply the product in the right manner, homeowners will be able to enjoy incredible protection which you wouldn’t get otherwise. In fact, you will get protection from natural disasters like hail, hurricanes, fires etc. It has the ability to withstand extreme winds of 150 mph. Also, it is non-combustible as well. You should also consider Class V flood resistance offered by their product. Last but not least, it has the ability to withstand small and large missile impact.

Huge presence in North America

They are regarded as the largest North American manufacturer. Even though it is an Australian based company, it is the largest manufacturer of fiber cement in North America. It is a big part of American households for decades now. Wherever you go in the United States, you will see the product being used. When it comes to the Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico, storms happens every now and then. Companies like Nelson Contracting LLC install James Hardie siding in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. And their products are widely used in these areas all thanks to the ability of their products to withstand natural disasters. Also, they are able to withstand the challenges posed by the fire prone valleys and mountains of California as well. All these point fingers at the reliability and trust bestowed upon this brand by the customers. Professional home builders all over America use their siding. The superior quality offered by this product is the reason why professional home builders prefer this over other products. The performance of their products is unmatched.

Hardie Siding is Good for the environment as well

Another good thing about their products is that it is environmentally sound as well. It poses no danger to the environment. The company has strict policies to come with environmentally sustainable products. They use renewable sources to produce siding.