What Is James Hardie Plank Siding?

james hardie plank

You are wondering what James Hardie Plank siding is all about. Well, we are here to demystify it. First and foremost, it is a 120-year old Australian company. They have been the front runners in manufacturing fiber-based cement. The company came into existence in Melbourne in 1888. And as of today, the company has a huge global presence. They have plants all over the world, including countries like Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and the United States.

Variety fiber cement products from James Hardie

As we have already told you, James Hardie siding have been specializing in fiber cement for more than 100 years now. And they offer wide variety of products including moisture, flame, bug and mold. They have been offering lots of products for house constructions, all these years. As far as their products are concerned, we can take examples like siding, flashing, trim and soffit. However, the siding product has been the most popular for this company. Housing contractors all over the world have been using their siding for several decades now. And that says a lot about what they have to offer.

Proprietary siding formula

As far as their siding products are concerned, it is made from a proprietary formula. It constitutes of sand, water, wood fiber and Portland cement. As a result, you can expect exacting durability, which lasts for a lifetime. When you apply the product in the right manner, homeowners will be able to enjoy incredible protection which you wouldn’t get otherwise. In fact, you will get protection from natural disasters like hail, hurricanes, fires etc. It has the ability to withstand extreme winds of 150 mph. Also, it is non-combustible as well. You should also consider Class V flood resistance offered by their product. Last but not least, it has the ability to withstand small and large missile impact.

Huge presence in North America

They are regarded as the largest North American manufacturer. Even though it is an Australian based company, it is the largest manufacturer of fiber cement in North America. It is a big part of American households for decades now. Wherever you go in the United States, you will see the product being used. When it comes to the Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico, storms happens every now and then. Companies like Nelson Contracting LLC install James Hardie siding in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. And their products are widely used in these areas all thanks to the ability of their products to withstand natural disasters. Also, they are able to withstand the challenges posed by the fire prone valleys and mountains of California as well. All these point fingers at the reliability and trust bestowed upon this brand by the customers. Professional home builders all over America use their siding. The superior quality offered by this product is the reason why professional home builders prefer this over other products. The performance of their products is unmatched.

Hardie Siding is Good for the environment as well

Another good thing about their products is that it is environmentally sound as well. It poses no danger to the environment. The company has strict policies to come with environmentally sustainable products. They use renewable sources to produce siding.

Common Roofing Problems & Tips for Roof Repair Service

Roof Problems and 3 Tips in Finding Roof Repair Services

Among the many parts of the house, the most important part is the roof. The purpose of the roof is to protect the house from the animals and weather. It provides shade from sunlight and keeps the inside of the house dry and warm during rains, hail, and snow. Some roof is made of wood, some made of asphalt, and some made of metal. Whichever the material, the roof needs to be durable enough to withstand any harsh weather changes and should be able to last a lifetime. But there are times that no matter how durable the roof is or how long has it stood against the forces of nature, like all things it wall always wear, get damaged and break.

Sometimes due to accidents or severe storms, roofs can get damaged and destroyed. Being the house’s primary defense against nature, it is important that roofs get repaired right away whenever it gets damaged and replaced as soon as possible whenever destroyed. According to “Roofing Homes Now” it is recommended to seek a 24/7 emergency roof repair service whenever the need arises. From doing roof repair, roof replacement and installations, a trusted and quality roofing service is a must to ensure that the house’s primary protection against nature is reliably set-up properly and durable.

When you Need Emergency Roof Repair

One should know when to call in an emergency roof repair service whenever a roof problem is encountered. The most common roof problems to look out for and may need emergency roof repair services are as follows:

1. Leaking Roof – during heavy rains or even light rains it is noticeable that water leaks into the house. This may be the result of a leaking roof which if left untreated would probably result in bigger damage to the roof.

2. Too Much Moisture – too much moisture in the roof will lead to mold and mildew which will cause the roof materials, especially wood, to rot. If left untreated, the rot can spread throughout the house and may damage the house’s structure.

3. Storm Related Damage – sometimes due to extreme weather the roof may get damaged and destroyed. Maybe due to extremely heavy rains, hail, snow, lightning or wind blowing in falling branches and trees.

4. Poor Maintenance – one needs to monitor and do scheduled check-ups on their roof; overtime due to exposure to the elements, the roof may get damaged, develop mildew, and result to sagging if left unchecked.

One should get familiar with these common problems to ensure that proper help from 24/7 emergency roof repair service is sought. For roof repairs, one should look for only (1) licensed roof services which are locally credited to do roof work. When looking for a roof repair service, it is encouraged to (2) seek out those that are recommended by friends and family as a track record. One should (3) pay close attention to their artistry, available insurance and offered warranties. Only the best and quality service should be expected when it comes to one’s roof repairs.

Why and when you should hire a roofing and gutter company

Replacing a roof is a project best left to a roofing and gutter company. Your roof may be in need of repairs, or the whole roof may need to be replaced. This is a project you may intend to do yourself, yet if you would, you may like to consider it long and hard. So, why opt for roofing and gutter company?

Replacing a Roof or Gutters Requires Expertise

In case you imagine yourself up on the roof doing the employment independent from anyone else, reconsider. While it may be possible to do everything without help, odds are you would find that you are pulling your hair out when you close consummation – and you never know what results you will wind up with.

To ensure that the results you get are roofing and gutter company and of the best quality, enlist a qualified roofer who is certified for the occupation and draft a contract. Today, there are numerous choices available when you are prepared to replace your roof from metal boards and composite fiberglass to slate and shake. Some back, about each house, was constructed using black-top shingles for the roofing; today, wide assortments of materials make it possible to upgrade the style and beauty of your home.

roof and gutter installation

A roofing and gutter company will research any potential issues and enable you to determine which materials are best for your needs. It is difficult to know without the aptitude of a qualified contractor exactly what materials are great and which are not.

  1. When it comes to gutters, some factors may show you that your gutters need replacement. Below are some of them.
  2. When you see mold, it is evidence of water stains on your house’s facade, and this calls for gutter replacement.
  3. After a rain storm, you will see small ponds of water near your house. This shows that your gutters are licking.
  4. After some rain, some areas in your landscaping may get washed out this indicates that some water was licking from the gutters.
  5. Floppy gutters need to be replaced at all costs.
  6. If some gutter parts are loose or missing, you need to replace them.

If you see all the above signs, then do consider gutter replacements. But if you see just a few of them, you can hire a roof and gutter company to replace your gutters.It is difficult to know without the skills of a qualified contractor exactly what materials are great and which are definitely not. Despite the fact that you may buy the best items with an end goal to do it without anyone’s help, it requires quality workmanship on the off chance that you need a roof that won’t just provide beauty to your home however last for quite a long time.

Roofing Your Home In A Cold Climate Like Minneapolis

Areas with a cold climate, such as Minneaplis Minnesota, may experience extreme weather conditions and to protect your home from these extreme conditions appropriate roofing is needed. Depending on the type of building and the location the impact of the climate will vary and hence it is necessary to select the roof, which offers proper protection from rain, ice, and snow.

best roof for cold climate

If you have installed the appropriate roof for your home in cold climate regions, there will not be any need for replacement of the roofs for many years. The right roofing can also make your home energy efficient by improving the heating system of the building. Installing the right type of roof will also reduce the repairing and maintenance cost.

Preventing accumulation of ice on your roof

It is important that the roofs installed in cold climates are able to resist ice accumulation. The ice buildup on roofs can make temperature regulation very difficult. There are different types of roofs available which can provide perfect draining of water and ice from the roof. The sloped roof design is best suited for winter climate. Roofs with simple design prevent ice buildup. There are traditional roofs include metal roofs, tiled roof, asphalt shingle roofs, wood shingle roofs as well as modern roofing solutions such as solar roofs and green roofs. There are many insured Minneapolis roofing companies that can help you pick the right roof.

Installing the best material

The roofs made of different material will have certain pros and cons and hence it is necessary to consider the pros and cons before installing the roofs made of particular material. If you want the roofs to last for decades, then you can select the metal roofs. They will be able to withstand heavy winds and ice for years. If you want to do the roofing without much burden on your pocket select asphalt shingle roof. Wooden shingles can offer protection from snow and can add style to your home. Tiled roofs are a good option for strong buildings as they are heavier than metal or asphalt roofs.

Solar roofs in a cold climate?

Roofs with solar panels are eco-friendly and help in cutting the energy cost of the building. The solar panels can capture the solar energy and convert it into electricity, so that there is no need for electricity to heat up the home. Solar roof with passive tiles can transfer the hot air captured into the heating system of the building and cause the ice and snow build up to melt.

Green roofs in a cold climate?

Green roofs are formed by covering the roof with vegetation. This roof is a natural solution for improving the energy efficiency of the roof. The vegetation on the roof will provide the insulation for the roof and hence the people inside the house need less heating or cooling in different weather conditions. However, green roofs are not as effective as solar panel roofs in protecting the building during colder climate.

You can find suppliers of different roofing material and roof installation services who will be able to give the right guidance in selecting the roof and in the proper installation. Select services which have good experience in the field.

What Should I Do If I Have Loose Shingles On My Roof?

Shingles are the kind of structure on the roof that is aligned in an order on the roof successively. It is aligned in a way that the base of each shingle remains attached and also overlaps each other. The shingles are made of different-different materials like flagstone, plastic, metal, fiber cement, etc. Now, talking about repairing of loose shingles from the roof, then there are many options available for that. However, the repairing process depends on some factors.

roof repair loose shingles

Different factors that impact the repairing of roof shingles

If the roof is new

If the roof of your house is new and you have lost a few singles from the roof because of rain or storm, then you can go for single shingle replacement. For that, you first have to check your storeroom to find the leftover shingle when last roof work was done.

If you are able to find the one, then it is time to go the roof and do the repairing process. However, it is important to note that repairing should be done self, only when you are confident of doing it. Otherwise, it is good to take the help of professionals to do the work.

If the roof is old

If the roof is old and you have lost some of the shingle because of any reason, then it should be taken for granted. In this condition, the roof repairing becomes extremely important. And for this; help of professionals should be taken.

What is the right time for the roof repairing?

The roof made of shingles often remains slippery; therefore, dry days are the perfect time for this.

It should be done when the roof is dry and do not have moisture. The moisture makes the shingles supplier and the chances of it getting crack is more prevalent at that time.

Repair work should not be done in the morning, after the rain or in the evening. As the shingles remain slippery and if you will climb on that to do the repair work, then accident could happen.

What to do when shingles are not lost, but broken?

When the shingles are broken, the roof needs repair work, instead of replacement of the Shingles. To repair the broken shingle, apply a bead of sealant that is used for roofing beneath the rack. Now, gently put the shingle on the cement, press the shingles and apply the bead over it. Now, leave it for 24 hours, as the cement will get firmer, the shingle will get its strength.

This is a repair method for single or couple of damages, when the damage is more, then it is best to take the help of professionals to fix it up.

So, this is the complete damage repair process of roof made of shingles. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this type of roof needs immediate repair work, once the shingles is found broken, damaged or lost. Remember to always review your construction contract before hiring a contractor!

Why You Need A Construction Contract?

construction contract

Construction Contracts

Whether you are planning to build a home or a commercial building you need the help of good construction contractors to perform the job efficiently following all the rules and regulations for construction in your area. You will be able to ensure that the job will be completed within the stipulated time and within the budget when you opt for the experienced contractor.

When the land owner needs the help of building contractor for constructing the building there is a need for creating a contract document which spells the details and particulars of the agreement between them. This document contains the details of the parties involved, the obligations of parties, terms and conditions, payment terms, warranties etc.

Ensuring peace of mind

A contract can protect the land or building owner as well as the contractor as all the terms and conditions are indicated clearly in the document. The contract defines the obligations of both parties regarding the services and products supplied and regarding the payment terms.

As the prices, time frames, payment methods, material terms, etc. are clearly spelled out in the contract it avoids the chances any disputes between the contractor and the client. This ensures peace of mind for both the parties. It is necessary for both the parties to go through the contract before signing the agreement and make sure that terms and conditions are agreeable to them and make necessary changes after negotiation.

Getting the work done on time

The contract document contains the estimated project starting and ending date and this allows the client to know how long the work will take and when they will be able to start using the building. Once the contractor signs this document they need to honor the contract and finish the work within the time-frame mentioned in the contract. So there will not be any need for the client to worry about the work getting delayed.

Any delay in construction work will cause extra financial burden and mental tension to the client and the contractor is answerable to the inconveniences caused to the client. So the contractors will try and prevent any such situation with proper project work planning and management. You need to opt for licensed and reputed contractors to ensure that they will be able to do the work according to your satisfaction.

Resolving issues made easy

Problems can arise during the construction projects between the client and the contractor and the contract document will be highly useful in resolving any of these problems. The particulars included in the contract like getting the necessary permit, warranties for materials and workmanship and handling change orders enables you to settle the disputes easily considering various details and clause given in the document.

Once the contract is made the client will be protected in different ways. You will have the construction done according to the standards given in the contract and warranted products or materials will be used for the construction and you will have the job site cleaned after the construction. So, getting a contract prepared by a good lawyer is necessary when you hire the service of the construction contractor

What Preventive Maintenance Should Be Done for Commercial Roofs?

commercial roof maintenance
Commercial Roof Maintenance

The roof of your commercial building is a very important part of the building and this is one part of the building that gets the least attention. You will always try to make the interiors and the exteriors of the building look attractive and neat, but you often forget to take care of the poor roof. The result is that you would end up spending a lot of money to replace the roof after many years. If you had employed the professional roofing contractors to carry out preventive maintenance plans, then you would not have to shell a lot of money to completely replace the roof. They would be making the necessary repair works on the roof, then and there so that the problem does not blow out of proportion.

Extending Your Roof’s Life

You need to hire roofing experts that offer a commercial roof maintenance service. By using such services, you can be sure that your roof gets the necessary maintenance and mild repair works that it needs to last for many years. A well-maintained roof can last way beyond the warranty period and hence you can use the roof replacement money into your business to increase your productivity. The managers who understand that maintaining the roof over their head is an integral part of their building maintenance plan will be able to make the most of the roof investment. There are composite roof tiles available for commercial buildings, that will last 50 plus years, and require virtually zero maintenance. Brava Roof Tile (bravarooftile.com/roof-tiles) manufactures one of the most realistic and highest quality composite tiles.

Regular Roof Inspections For Your Commercial Building

If you hire the reliable and reputed roofing preventive maintenance contractors, they will make sure that your roof is given a complete check at least two times in a year. They will carry out the roof maintenance services during the fall and the spring seasons. Most of the roofs that come under the warranty would have spelt out certain roof maintenance guidelines. A professional is fully aware of how to maintain a certain kind of roof and will carry out the maintenance of the roof accordingly so that the warranty is always in effect. The history of the roof has to be documented as it will help in roof maintenance plans.

As part of the preventive maintenance practices, the facility manager must ensure that the roof must not be neglected from their end. The regular inspections, repair and warranty maintenance will be carried out by the roofing contractors. The workers of the company who have access to the roof must follow certain precautionary practices to help in extending the life of the roof. They must ensure that they only walk on the designated walkways on the roofs and not anywhere they like. The workers must ensure that they clear the clogs of the drain so that water does not get stagnated on the roof. They should ensure that the tools and other items are not left behind on the roof after they have completed their work.

Hiring a Roofing Expert

There are a lot of technicalities and complications that you need to deal with when it comes to commercial roofs. Hence, in order to protect the roof investment, it is better to hire a roofing specialist to take care of the roof.